Akkaya Lab

Principal Investigators

Akkaya Lab studies adaptive immunity and immunoregulation in the context of autoimmune diseases and cancer and is composed of two research groups led by Drs. Billur Akkaya and Munir Akkaya.

Billur Akkaya, MD, DPhil Billur Akkaya, MD, DPhil T-Cell Side
Munir Akkaya, MD, DPhil Munir Akkaya, MD, DPhil B-Cell Side


Bayley McRitchie Bayley McRitchie
Esin Bayralı Ulker Esin Bayralı Ulker
Şöhret Meryem Gökçek Şöhret Meryem Gökçek
Serena Ozabrahamyan Serena Ozabrahamyan
Ateş Kutay Tenekeci Ateş Kutay Tenekeci
Abby Kraynak Abby Kraynak
Anahat Dhillon Anahat Dhillon
Annie Carney Annie Carney
Sahitya Jammula Sahitya Jammula
Selin Ustel Selin Ustel
Serena Mehta Serena Mehta
Sanju Gudla Sanju Gudla
Srikruthi Godavarthi Srikruthi Godavarthi

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Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

Former Researchers

Harrison Thow Harrison Thow Megan MacCartney Megan MacCartney


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