Akkaya Lab

Şöhret Meryem Gökçek

PhD Student


My name is Sohret Meryem Gokcek. I am from Izmir, Turkey. I received my BSc. in Molecular Biology and Genetics and was a top student of the Faculty of Science and ranked second overall in my university. During my bachelor’s program, I designed a research project to elucidate the molecular mechanism of obesity. A national funder supported my project. For the past two years, I have studied obesity from different perspectives. I am a research assistant under Dr Munir Akkaya at the Ohio State University College of Medicine Department of Rheumatology and Immunology. My focus is on how obesity affects the immune response, specifically in terms of B-Cell function. I am also interested in combining wet lab research with in-silico approaches, such as omics analysis and molecular dynamics simulations. Outside of my academic work, I have been in theatre for the past nine years.

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