Akkaya Lab

Serena Ozabrahamyan

PhD Student


Hi, I`m Serena! I completed my BSN in 2021 and BS in 2022 at Koc University. Before joining the Akkaya Lab in August 2022, I was a member of the Sailing team for one year, the Rowing team for four years, and the kickboxing team for a half year. I am originally from Istanbul, Turkey. My previous research experience mainly focuses on protein biophysics and biochemistry. While looking for cellular interactions at the protein level with the atomic scale, I changed the gears to the cellular level. Outside of academics, I have not found anything interesting since I am new to the US, but I am always open to experiencing new things and embarking on new adventures. I’ve always been a morning person, and instead of just picking a gorgeous photo for my bio, I wanted to find one that reflects me and my happy place!

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